Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena Freedom Booster Pack

A starter Pack of Monsters to boost your game progress with great tactics!

Your Freedom Booster Pack includes:

  • Lady Liberty "Statue of Freedom" - Common Magic Ranged Monster
  • Hazel "Tooth Fairy" - Epic Magic Ranged Monster
  • Hoggy "Tunneling Expert" - Monstruos Physical Melee MonsterĀ 
  • Pruce Lee "Panda Hero" - Legendary Physical Melee Monster
  • 10,000 Gold
  • 500 Gems

Get additional gifts by joining the Tactical Monsters Official Discord community following the in-game banner or clicking this link https://discord.gg/UgTZywd, insert your Rumbler ID (which you can find by clicking the in-game player portrait) in the #newbies_free_gems channel, and receive an additional 500 Gems in your game mail (within 24 hours).

About Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena:
Experience the rush of 3-5 minute strategy battles in the world of Tactical Monsters comprised of monsters from all corners of the world. Whether you are competitive in real life or virtual reality, this is the ultimate competition game for you!

Only keys left!
  • 1. Create or log in to your SteelSeries Games account.
  • 2. Click the "Get Your Key" button.
  • 3. Install the game on Android, iOS, or Steam and complete the tutorial.
  • 4. While in the game, click on your player picture in game home, scroll down to common, and click the gift code green button.
  • 5. Insert your gift code and click "OK" to claim your Freedom Booster Pack.

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