Derpy pirates! Steam Game Key

Claim your Steam game key and experience an adventure game like no other. 

What to expect when you play Derpy pirates!

  • An open world with a story never told before
  • Different worlds and open seas for you to explore
  • Banana fights with monkeys, sword fights and racing
  • Hidden doors, puzzles, mysterious events and talking trees
  • Multiplayer, fights with skeletons and ghosts
  • Ninjas, pirates and monsters lurking in the shadows

About Derpy pirates!:
Captain Bazaar and his crew has taken upon themselves to save the world from a dangerous enemy.

The search of the bungalow is the first tale in the derpy pirate world.

The story starts with them being stranded on a deserted island, it is up to you to help them escape and to follow them on their great adventure.

Only keys left!

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