Neverwinter: Infernal Descent Messenger's Pack Key Giveaway

Claim Your Messenger's Pack as You Descend the Depths of Hell...

Your Messenger's Pack (PC Only) will unlock the following items:

  • "The Messenger" title - Bind on Pickup
  • Stone of Health - Bind to Account
  • Adventurer's XP Booster - Bind to Account
  • 5x Injury Kit - Bind to Account
  • 10x Fortification Potion - Bind to Account
  • 10x Major Potion of Reflexes - Bind to Account
  • 10x Potion of Greater Healing - Bind to Account

About Neverwinter: Infernal Descent:
Vallenhas Manor has been ripped from Faerûn and pulled into Avernus, the first layer of the Nine Hells, during the ongoing conflict between devils and demons known as the Blood War. 

Unite heroes new and old to save the people of Vallenhas Estate from the infernal machinations of the archdevil Zariel.

Only keys left!
  • 1. Create or log in to your SteelSeries Games account.
  • 2. Click the "Get Your Key" button.
  • 3. Head to Neverwinter site and create your account.
  • 4. Launch the Arc client and login to your existing account or sign up for a free one.
  • 5. Click the Arc symbol at the top left.
  • 6. Click "Redeem a Code" and enter your code.
  • 7. Launch the game and complete the tutorial. Visit the Rewards Claim Agent in Protector's Enclave to claim your gift!
  • 8. - Players may claim it once per time they redeem a code. - Players of any level may claim these, as long as they have finished the tutorial.

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