Skyforge Sergeant Pack

Unlock the Impregnable Defense Armor and Become a Defensive Juggernaut!
Keys only available in North America and Europe.

Dress for Defense. Strike fear into your enemies and show your stalwart resolve with the Impregnable Defense Armor, that comes with 2 additional helmets! Need a little boost? This heavy armor set comes with a handful of currencies, for all your Immortal needs.

About Skyforge:
Skyforge is a highly-stylised, free to play Sci-Fi action massively multiplayer online     role-playing game set on the exotic world of Aelion. Featuring dynamic action-combat, players step into the shoes of an almighty Immortal. Control 17 unique classes, defend the borders of your homeworld and explore the galaxy in your quest to become a God. Immerse yourself in the day to day life of an Immortal and do your duty to all of Aelion. Dive right into the action, uncover the mysteries of a new, exotic world and defend Aelion from total war in our latest update: New Horizons!

Only keys left!

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