Black Squad Welcome Package

Unlock the Welcome Package and retrieve your deadly arsenal!

Black Squad has teamed up with SteelSeries to provide you with a Welcome Package of gold and weaponry! Your key will unlock:

  • 150,000 Gold
  • 2,500 Medal
  • AK47 Legendary (20 days)
  • Blazer R93 (20 days)
  • Desert Eagle 50AE Patriot (20 days)
  • Nimravus Smudge (20 days)
  • M67 Dark Tide (20 days)
  • M18 Smoke Green (20 days)
  • MK13 (20 days)
  • Character: Cramer (20 days)

About Black Squad:
Join the Black Squad, Free-to-play First person military shooter. Wide range of weapon selection,

Various game modes and competition for ranking. Make a strategies for victory and cooperate with your team members against other team.
Welcome to the Black Squad, soldiers.

Get more details about Black Squad on their Steam page:

Only keys left!

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