Star Trek Online Yellowstone Runabout (Xbox)

Unlock the Yellowstone Runabout Ship (Xbox Only)!

SteelSeries Games members can get a key for the Yellowstone Runabout in Star Trek Online. Smaller than a starship but larger than a shuttlecraft, the Yellowstone is the newest Runabout in the Federation line.

About Star Trek Online: Mirror of Discovery:
There is another universe, out there. One that is dark and twisted, like a cracked reflection on an ancient mirror. There, the brutal Terran Empire reigns supreme, and all life must either submit or rebel. There have been incursions into our universe from the Terran Empire before, most notably at the behest of the insane Admiral Leeta, but nothing like this. On January 23rd, the infamous Captain Killy finally makes her first appearance anywhere in Star Trek media, as Mary Wiseman returns to Star Trek Online. You’ll face off against this twisted version of Tilly, and much more, as part of our Ninth Anniversary update, Mirror of Discovery.

Only keys left!
  • 1. Create or log in to your SteelSeries Games account.
  • 2. Click the "Get Your Key" button.
  • 3. Install Star Trek Online from the Xbox One marketplace.
  • 4. Install Arc from the Xbox One marketplace.
  • 5. Launch Arc and login to your account.
  • 6. At the Arc main page, hit the X button.
  • 7. Enter your code in the field and select “Redeem.”
  • 8. Visit the C-Store in-game. Rewards can be found on the tab marked “Promotions.”

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