Zero-K $9.99 Bronze Pack Key Giveaway

Claim your bronze pack (a $9.99 value) and unlock a Commander skin or clan banner in the free-to-play RTS, Zero-K.

About Zero-K:
Zero-K is a sci-fi real time strategy game involving mechanized combat over air, land and sea. It features terrain manipulation, powerful controls, physics-driven unit interactions and absurd superweapons. It is completely free, has a campaign with co-op capability, a strong AI which does not cheat, and competitive multiplayer.


  • Traditional real time strategy with physically simulated units and projectiles.
  • 100+ varied units with abilities including terrain manipulation, cloaking and jumpjets.
  • 70+ mission galaxy-spanning campaign to be enjoyed solo or co-op with friends.
  • Challenging, (non-cheating) skirmish AI and survival mode.
  • Multiplayer 1v1 - 16v16, FFA, coop. ladders, replays, spectators and tournaments.
  • PlanetWars - A multiplayer online campaign - runs periodically.
  • Really free, no paid advantages, no unfair multiplayer.
Only keys left!

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