Star Trek: Online Duty Officer Pack & Tier 2 Rhode Island Starship

Claim your Duty Officer Pack and Tier 2 Rhode Island Starship experience the fourth major expansion in Star Trek: Online, Victory is Life.

About Star Trek Online - Victory is Life:
Star Trek Online is incredibly proud to announce our fourth major expansion, Victory is Life. Paying homage to fan-favorite Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, this brand-new expansion will bring Captains to the Gamma Quadrant and beyond, in a new story kicked off by the invasion of the mysterious Hur’q. You’ll be able to play as a brand new faction, the Jem’Hadar; experience six new episodes in the Star Trek Online story; and interact with ten of the original cast members from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. 

Only keys left!
  • 1. Create or log in to your SteelSeries Games account.
  • 2. Click the "Get Your Key" button.
  • 3. Go to and create a new account.
  • 4. Select the gear icon towards the top right corner of the client.
  • 5. Select "Activate a Product".
  • 6. Enter the item code and select "Next".
  • 7. Depending on the game you may need to select the server and character you wish to send these items to.
  • 8. Collect your item(s) in-game.

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