Duelyst Trials of Mythron Orbs

The depth of CCG meets the strategy of tabletop gaming in Duelyst! Every choice matters, from your General and deck to positioning on the 9x5 battleboard. Competitive head-to-head turn-based battles at its best! The sixth expansion, Trials of Mythron, add two brand new mechanics: 

  • Intensify - a new keyword that will appear on Minions and Spells granting them a powerful stacking effect 
  • Trial and Destiny - a paired keyword mechanic that requires clever deck-building for permanent results

Enter the battlefield by claiming your code to unlock 5 Trials of Mythron Orbs! Each orb will unlock 5 cards from their latest expansion, with one being guaranteed Rare or better!

About Duelyst:
Compete in head-to-head matches where every move requires thoughtful decision-making and strategic positioning. Assemble your deck from over 700 cards across 6 unique factions and test your mettle against other players online in ranked season ladder and draft mode tournaments!


Only keys left!

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