Total War: Arena Starter Pack Key Giveaway

The time has come. The battlefield calls for warriors to stand and fight for their land. In the face of war, the strongest shall rise and the weakest will fall. 

Blaze your path to glory and join the Open Beta today with a head start with this Starter Pack:

    •  7 Days of Premium
    •  500 Gold

Become a Leading Commander
If the starter pack isn't enough for you we've got hold of a limited amount of a rare, tier 5 Roman Infantry Sword Unit worth 3.550 gold.

Access that plus the following extras by purchasing a product from during the month of April (as long as codes last):

    •  Retentus, Tier 5 Roman Infantry Sword Unit (3.550 gold)
    •  7 Days of Premium
    •  1.000 Gold

Key is only valid for new Wargaming accounts or players that have not played Total War: Arena yet.

Only keys left!

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